What changes will be introduced by the international adoption regulations?

At ICN LEGAL, we routinely provide service to those seeking the assistance of the best family lawyers in Barcelona when it comes to child adoption, providing them with our knowledge of the existing ways and conditions for making use of this option at the international level.  Despite the efforts of firms like ours in this area, the figures show that adoptions have continued to plummet in recent years: as much as 85% between 2005 and 2015.

Although there are various factors attributable to this decline, in both Spain and other countries that traditionally issue adoptions, the introduction of legislative measures seems to be an opportunity to facilitate a process that continues to be torturous for many families. In this sense, the new Law on International Adoption, which is being finalized by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality by Royal Decree (currently in the public consultation phase), promises to provide improvements to various relevant sections. What are the most notable aspects?

The change that has had the biggest impact, certified after a recent summit of Spain’s autonomous communities, is the unification of criteria and procedures across autonomous communities, which will allow for the establishment of a single nationwide waiting list. Under the current system, accredited adoption agencies are limited to different regional laws. These agencies will also receive new regulations that will lead to a simplified, standardized accreditation model for all of Spain.

The aforementioned changes will make effective the state’s assumption of previously regional powers that were established in Law 26/2015, on the modification of the system for the protection of childhood and adolescence.

The Ministry’s project also includes measures aimed at reducing wait times, among which the primary measure would be streamlining the number of files to be sent to the various countries of origin. In this sense, the establishment of annual quotas for each country based on existing adoption needs and adoptions formalized by third countries in recent years is anticipated. The adoption of children with special needs would be exempt from this rule.

At ICN LEGAL, we will be able to inform you of all of the effects of the new regulatory changes, as is appropriate for any entity doing its utmost to help people interested in taking in children in need of a family.

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