Who can authorize the renewal of a minor's passport?

In the context of divorce proceedings, matters relating to the custody of children are often those that present the greatest complications, especially when it is a contested divorce. Even after the divorce is finalized, conflicts may continue to arise. These obstacles may require the assistance of the best family lawyers in Barcelona, either to prevent them or to resolve them quickly and protect the minor as much as possible. However, there are some basic issues about which questions often arise, which are therefore worthwhile to resolve quickly.
We’ve spoken on the blog before about international child abduction being one of the unpleasant consequences that may arise from conflicts between former partners of different nationalities. As a matter of fact, one of the preventive measures considered when there is a risk of abduction is a ban on issuing the child a passport. But what are the requirements for its issuance?
To explain this, we must refer to the modifications introduced by Royal Decree 411/2014, specifically designed to help avoid a situation like the one described. Until the publication of this Royal Decree, a request from one parent was sufficient to obtain a minor’s passport. The reform introduced the obligation to have the express consent of both parents if both are attributed parental authority.
This rule applies to both the initial issuance of the passport and its subsequent renewals. It also considers the possibility that only one of the parents may come to the issuance office, in which case the consent of the other parent, signed before a notary, must be presented.
Given issues such as this one that fall within the field of family law, it is important to emphasize the importance of having expert advice, such as the advice we can provide you at ICN LEGAL, in order to act with the necessary precision and prudence in order to safeguard the child’s well-being. Our specialized career in this field places us among the best family lawyers in Barcelona at your disposal, particularly in cases that acquire an international dimension.


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