The state of surrogacy in the world

One of the most heated legislative debates in Spain in recent months has been the debate over surrogacy, popularly known as “wombs for rent”. At the moment, this practice is still not permitted in Spain. Spaniards interested in using this option must go to other countries where they can hire a woman to carry their embryo.

Accordingly, at ICN LEGAL we offer services which place us among the best family lawyers in Barcelona, with groundbreaking work assisting people and couples who want to use international surrogacy to fulfill their dream of making a family. That is why we are quite familiar with the global legal landscape related to this practice, which we want to go over in this article.

One of the main places looked at by Spaniards considering surrogacy is Eastern Europe, since Russia and Ukraine are among the few countries that currently allow foreign citizens to make use of this option with financial compensation. A notable drawback is that they do not allow homosexual couples to do so, which is also currently true of Greece.

For our part, at ICN LEGAL we have experience particularly working with the United States, where regulations differ in each state, but there are options for all kinds of families. An additional advantage is that filiation is done directly, instead of by adoption.

There are other countries that are open to surrogacy for foreigners, but only through the altruism of the surrogate, who at most can have pregnancy-related expenses covered. This category includes countries like Canada (except Quebec) and Australia. 

There are also countries that have regulated surrogacy, but only for their citizens.

If you want to consult with the best family lawyers in Barcelona in order to evaluate possible surrogacy abroad, our team will inform you of the most suitable options for your case and will assist you in every step in order to legally and successfully complete the process.

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