Residing in Spain with an entrepreneur visa

One of the newest options for obtaining a residence permit in Spain is known as the entrepreneur visa, introduced in law 14/2013, on support for entrepreneurs and their internationalization. As lawyers specializing in international law, we offer international legal services to people interested in legally remaining in Spain. If you are interested in undertaking a business initiative or highly qualified professional job on Spanish soil, ICN LEGAL can process your residence visa if you meet the requirements established in the aforementioned law.
This law establishes six different situations in which it is possible to request this type of visa, but before getting into specific details, it is worth reviewing its general requirements: not being on Spanish soil illegally, being of legal age, lacking a criminal record, not being listed as objectionable in the countries with which Spain has an agreement in this regard, and having public or private health insurance that is valid in Spain.
On top of this, there is a financial sufficiency requirement which itself is a high barrier to entry: interested parties must have at least €2,130 per month to support themselves and an additional €532 per family member dependent on them. In this regard, the visa that may be granted to an individual can be extended to their spouse, minor children and dependent adult children, as long as they comply with the aforementioned general requirements.
Aside from these conditions, individuals wanting to move to Spain in accordance with this law must fit into one of the six categories provided:

  • Entrepreneurs and business activity: consists of the presentation of a business plan of general interest to be developed in Spain. Must include a favorable report from the Spanish Commercial Office corresponding to the area where the visa is requested.

  • Highly skilled professionals: upon request from the company wishing to hire the individual, through the Ministry of Employment’s Unit for Large Companies and Strategic Economic Sectors (UGE-CE in Spanish).

  • Intra-corporate transfer: governed by the same channels as the previous option; in this case it corresponds to professionals moved to Spain within the framework of a pre-existing employment or training relationship with their company.

  • Training or research: includes individuals who are going to undertake research, technological development or higher education teaching activities, be it at public or private institutions. This option comes from channels established by various agreements, as well as the law on Science, Technology and Innovation.

  • Capital investors: people who are willing to buy at least €1 million in stocks or shares of Spanish companies, or €2 million in Spanish government bonds.

  • Acquisition of real estate: an investment of at least €500,000 in real estate also gives the right to this visa. This investment may include multiple properties, provided that the total acquisition value reaches the half-million mark.

If your case fits into one of categories described and you need advice regarding the specific requirements to start the process, our firm of lawyers specializing in international law can offer you the ease and guarantees you need to make the process go as smoothly as possible so that you can soon reside and/or invest in Spain, and thus benefit from being in the European Union.

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