Requirements for achieving family reunification

Since its introduction in 2000, family reunification has been the legal solution for non-EU citizens living in Spain who want to bring their loved ones to our country. At our firm, we try to offer service befitting the best family lawyers in Barcelona when it comes to advising those who wish to exercise this right. To that end, we can advise you regarding the different steps and conditions to be met. We invite you to review some of the key aspects in this regard.
First of all, we must establish who can sponsor reunification and who can be reunited.  The family reunification process is available to foreigners who have completed one year of legal residence in Spain and have been authorized for at least one more year. As for the relatives who may be able to come to Spain, this includes spouses or the equivalent, as well as any common children or children of either spouse, as long as they are unmarried minors.
It also includes the possibility of reunification for ascendants of the current Spanish resident or their spouse, with some stricter conditions: they must be over 65 (with certain exceptions on humanitarian grounds) and be able to justify both their financial dependence on the sponsor and their need to reside in Spain. In addition, in these cases the sponsor must have long-term resident status.
When we talk about requirements, apart from the documentation that needs to be gathered, one aspect that may take some time is the financial demands. The sponsor must prove their ability to support their family members, the criteria for which is based on the Public Income Index (IPREM in Spanish), which is €537.84 per month for 2018.
If the reunited family unit will be two members, the sponsor must demonstrate a monthly income of 150% of the IPREM. An additional 50% must be added for each additional family member included in the reunification. Another requirement to consider is having adequate housing, be it with a title deed or rental agreement.
Once the fulfillment of the indicated conditions has been certified, reunification will be processed by the immigration office by submitting the corresponding supporting documentation for each point, along with a sworn statement that you are not living with another partner in Spain, in the event of reunification involving a foreign spouse. Once reunification is granted, the family members must request visas from their corresponding consular offices.
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