We protect your inventions: patents, utility models, and designs.

Protect your inventions by registering them as patents or utility models in Europe and internationally

As an inventor, you have the exclusive right to exploit the full potential of your invention, preventing others from manufacturing, selling, or using it without your consent.
ICN LEGAL has a team of engineers who can clearly and accurately describe the features of your invention to warrant registration. We will also tell you whether you should opt for a patent (for new procedures, new appliances, new products, or improvement to your products) or a utility model (for “minor” improvements to existing products).
We help you decide the geographical scope of your invention. Why should you stay within the country’s borders? A European patent will grant you protection in up to 38 European countries. Through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), we can guarantee patent protection in many non-Member States at the same time.

Defense of patents and utility models

Once you get the patent or utility model, there is an annual fee payment; however, even when the patent or utility model expires, it is possible to renew it if the legal requirements are met. ICN LEGAL takes immediate action to help save your invention before it falls into the public realm and someone else can take it.
We protect your invention against third party offenders who infringe upon your rights by issuing a request, negotiating, or taking the matter to court, if need be. We are not afraid to go to trial because we know how the justice system works.

The design of your product, your best chance to set yourself apart from your competitors

The design of your products (decorations, figures, lines, or colors) can give your company a significant competitive advantage. The aura of luxury and exclusivity, which can be perceived as unique, can be centered on the product design alone.
ICN LEGAL is aware of this and will help you register your design anywhere in the world.

Community Design/International Design

We prepare the application for registration in the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union (EUIPO) (formerly Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM)), should you wish to have exclusive rights in all European Union countries. If your goals go beyond the community level, the International Design is requested at the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO).

International licensing agreements for trademark, design, or manufacturing

We provide legal advice to foreign licensors and licensees on their business agreements to effectively protect licensing for trademarks, designs, or product manufacturing under patent or utility model.
Many international companies have relied on our services to reach agreements with Spanish licensees in order to transfer the rights of use of their trademark license or manufacture of their goods and services.
ICN LEGAL has a team of attorneys who specialize in International Intellectual Property. They are responsible for advising, negotiating, preparing, and enforcing agreements with Spanish companies for our international clients.
We keep you abreast of the best contractual guarantees on matters of regional scope, technical features, licensee payment obligations (fees and royalties), and exclusivity, among other things.
At the same time, we can assist when your company manufactures goods or sells products for a company under a Spanish license, making sure your rights to manufacture and sell in other countries are protected.
We are accustomed to dealing with our international clients on these matters. We can communicate in Spanish, Catalan, or English, so our clients, many of them repeat customers, feel confident in knowing the exact status of the process at any given time in their own language.

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