We help you achieve your dream of having a family.

Many people, driven by their dream of having a family, turn to surrogacy, which is not legally recognized in our country. ICN LEGAL is sensitive to this situation; we will help you bring your children to Spain and get them legally recognized.
Our Managing Partner, Celsa Núñez, worked at one of Florida’s main law offices in the U.S., where this practice has been performed for the last four decades. Thus, our experience makes us a safe choice when you need advice on the most important matters, such as the choice of country, agency, clinic, and insurance company in Spain and abroad; a review of the surrogacy agreement by our attorneys; legal recognition to establish filiation of children born through this gestation system, and registration of the child in the corresponding Civil Registry, among other things.
Let our trained professionals assist you with this important decision; they will help you achieve your dream of having a family and you will not have to worry about anything else.

Our specialist partner in the matter


Celsa Núñez

Managing Partner

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