We protect your brand: your company’s greatest asset

Brand protection begins with its registration: community trademark/international trademark

ICN LEGAL understands the importance of brand creation and protection to easily identify your products on the market, whether it’s just a word, a graphic, a mixed image, a three-dimensional image, or a positional, olfactory, or sound trademark.
We offer consulting based on your particular needs. Your products or services may go global at some point. Should that time come, ICN LEGAL will recommend registration of your logo as a Community Trademark (at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)), formerly the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM)) and obtain exclusive rights in every country in the European Union; or as an International Trademark (before the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)) if you prefer to extend trademark protection to other countries outside the European Union.
We make sure that your trademark registration succeeds: we search previous trademark history to determine viability of registration, analyze your reputation to see if your company is well-known within its market, and prepare the trademark application in the official languages, ??paying particular attention to the Nice Classification of goods and services. Also, we contest possible third party opposition.

Trademark Monitoring

Trademark registration does not guarantee the life of a brand: we monitor trademarks to make sure no other company uses trademarks or logos that may create confusion with the goods or services you offer. If we discover an offender, we execute a cease-and-desist order and start negotiations so we can avoid long and costly legal proceedings for our clients. Once we run out of options, we take the necessary legal steps with the guarantees offered by our experience as judges.

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