Property sales contracts

We help you through the process of buying and selling property anywhere in the world, going over every detail with you.

We offer our clients our extensive experience in the preparation and validation of private contracts for the purchase and sale of property in our country and abroad.

Older properties may have past registry entries that must be canceled before they are sold. The most notable examples are lifetime usufructs and emphyteutic leases.

We also have to verify that the property is not mortgaged, and if there is a mortgage, that it is terminated properly.

When reserving a property, you typically sign a contract with a deposit (known as “earnest money”). We strongly advise that you have our team of attorneys review the contract prior to signing it, as some earnest money contracts hide a real estate purchase agreement.

Before paying any money to the realtor or seller, make sure you have a clear understanding of what that money is for, as you may stand to lose your earnest money deposit if you don’t go through with the purchase agreement.

There are also a number of certificates that require the signature of a Notary and agents don’t normally have these unless the buyer expressly requests them.

This is not always a known fact, typically because sellers and brokers don’t know the Law. Keep in mind that their primary interest is selling the property, while an attorney will protect the clients’ interests.

Our goal is to make sure everything is in order prior to the payment for purchase or delivery of the keys to avoid any problems later.

To summarize, we make the purchase process completely transparent to the most important person in this deal: our client.

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