Labor law for foreign nationals

If you have decided to live in Spain, we help you through the early stages of employment.

Spain’s employment market has a lot of peculiarities; thus, if you are a foreign national with no experience in the Spanish employment market, we recommend you seek the advice of a professional.

Whether you are looking for work or want to start a business in Spain and hire foreign and local employees, our legal team will help you comply with current laws in order to avoid government sanctions. As part of our service, we provide you information on potential incentives you may qualify for.

It is our job to make sure your employment in Spain meets all legal requirements, keep you posted on upcoming deadlines, and provide the relevant procedures to mesh the work life you had in your country before with your work life in Spain.

We get involved in the mediation process with your company and provide legal defense in matters of employee abuse and malpractice.

To summarize, we are totally invested in our efforts to assist foreign nationals in Spain so they do not feel exposed and helpless or see their rights violated under any circumstances or adverse employment situations.

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