International inheritance laws in Spain

We provide assistance to foreign nationals who inherit property in Spain, as well as foreign nationals who live in Spain and want to prepare their last will and testament. 

Our legal team has worked with international wills for many years, providing guidance and advice, handling and processing our clients’ inherited goods abroad. But we also help foreign nationals who live in Spain and want an international will, in accordance with the law.
International standards are part of our job, especially European regulations, which specify that the estate of a person with a date of death of August 17, 2015 or later, will be governed under his state of residence at the time of death. That is, unless the individual elected the regulations that govern his state of nationality or those at the time of death.
We make sure that the wishes expressed in the will are followed and protect the rights of our clients when they are considered heirs under the law (for example, when the law states that there is a legitimate heir or when a person becomes a widow).
We also provide legal advice on civil and tax matters that would most benefit you, especially in the settlement of estate taxes. We help you find any existing wills, guide you through the inheritance process, represent you in matters of conflict between heirs of different nationalities, and prepare the documentation required by Spain or any another country in order to accept the inheritance (death certificate, certificate of last will and testament, official copy of the will, and any other documents needed).



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