International divorces

We can make your divorce proceedings in Spain much simpler.

If you have decided to get a divorce or a legal separation, ICN LEGAL handles all the required procedures for you if:
  • Both spouses are from another country but live in Spain.
  • One spouse is from another country and the other one is from Spain.
  • One spouse lives abroad.
  • The marriage took place in another country.
Our knowledge and experience abroad allows us to offer our clients assistance in English, making it easier for them to communicate in their language during the difficult process of ending a relationship. We negotiate the terms of your divorce settlement agreement so you can get the most beneficial terms for child custody, division of property, marriage costs, alimony, spousal support, and use of property and household items.
We will go over the national laws governing divorce with spouses from other countries, explaining the details in your own language.
If an agreement can’t be reached, we will represent you in a contentious divorce proceeding and work steadfastly to overcome language and cultural barriers that are sometimes experienced by foreign nationals going through a divorce in our country. As former judges, we do not mind going to trial and you will benefit from our experience.
We also take care of any document translations that may be needed, so you can get all services required by our court system in one place.
If you got a divorce in another country, we help to get it validated and make it effective in Spain through the exequatur process.

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