International child abduction

We protect children from being illegally taken by their parents.

Unfortunately, sometimes a parent does not return a child to the custodial parent as they are legally required to do. This happens, for example, when one of the parents violates the court’s decision and takes the children to his country of birth instead of returning them to the parent with custodial rights.
These are international child abduction cases, commonly known as “kidnappings or abductions” of their own children. The process of getting a child back is a complicated and time sensitive endeavor that should only be handled by experts in the matter who can guarantee a successful outcome. Unfortunately, time is always on the abductor’s side and legal processes must be implemented as soon as possible.
ICN LEGAL has a lot of experience in these types of cases with a high success rate in reuniting parents with their abducted children.
We can assist our clients with any of these situations:
  • Child abduction by a parent who breaks custody rulings when individual or joint custody has been granted to a person or institution.
  • In instances where a parent refuses to return the child once he is out of the country, for breaking individual or joint custody rulings granted to a person or institution, per the laws of the country where the child resided.
  • Illegal relocation and retention of children out of the country.
  • If you are a foreign national living in Spain and you have been granted legal custody of your children, we can help you get your children back if your former spouse refuses to return them at the time agreed upon. We can also assist foreign nationals trying to get their children from a former spouse of Spanish nationality.
Our attorneys know that time is of the essence in these cases so they move quickly toward a resolution, providing our clients the necessary assistance in a foreign country and dealing with national and international laws through the International Legal Cooperation and any other means necessary.
This practice requires dealing with foreign and complex laws. Thus, our expert attorneys know what to expect because they have been through this many times partnering with the International Legal Cooperation and expediting results to reunite you with your children as quickly as possible.
Our Department of International Family Law is used to overcoming language barriers and dealing with legal and administrative procedures in other countries. Take care of what matters most to you and leave the legal complexities in our hands.

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