International adoptions

ICN LEGAL helps you to have a more fulfilled relationship with your family, spouse, or partner with the arrival of children into your life.

Many people, whether they have a partner or not, cannot wait any longer to fulfill their dream of having their own family. There are many children in foreign countries who need loving and caring parents. For that reason, ICN LEGAL offers wide-ranging legal advice for your international adoption.
The process of adopting a child is not an easy one. This is primarily due to the different laws that come into play: the laws of the adoptive parents’ home country and the laws of the adopted child’s home country. We will advise you on the best course of action to take in order to meet the requirements set forth by the laws of both countries, while coordinating among Regional Governments, government agencies, and collaborating entities located in Spain and in the child’s home country.
We provide ongoing support to couples and individuals who have decided to begin the international adoption process. We provide solutions to any incidents that occur during the adoption process, verify the acceptability of documents, and translate these, if necessary, to ensure the adoption process is fully vetted.
To sum it up, ICN LEGAL helps couples and individuals wanting to adopt a child abroad to meet all the requirements set forth by Spanish laws, as well as the laws of the adopted child’s home country, so that the adoption process is fully valid.

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