Guardianship and conservatorship

Guardianship and conservatorship

We protect the rights and property of minors, disabled individuals, or those who are unable to meet their own needs.

ICN LEGAL assists clients with disability claims for family members and loved ones suffering from mental illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, or physical limitations that restrict their ability to take care of themselves. Disabilities may also come about as a result of an addiction such as drug addiction, alcoholism, and pathological gambling.

Our attorneys have the legal training and professional experience to establish legal guardianships and conservatorships to protect the rights of children, disabled individuals, and those who are unable to meet their own needs or are at risk.

Our goal is to advise the future guardian or conservator on his legal obligations at the time of his appointment. This appointment is made by a judge and involves a number of important responsibilities. The law states that an attorney must lead this process.

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