Estates and wills

We make sure to fulfill your wishes. If you are an estate beneficiary, we protect your rights.

The death of a loved one makes us especially vulnerable. ICN LEGAL protects your rights during those difficult moments. When a loved one dies, all we want is solace and respect. Probate proceedings can be cumbersome and often generate disputes among family members. Our law offices will protect your interests with a deep level of solemnity and respect, always attempting to avoid difficult moments for you while getting you what is rightfully yours. We will provide you legal advice on preparing your personal will and leaving all your affairs in order.

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More specifically, our team of attorneys at ICN LEGAL will provide you legal advice on the following inheritance topics:
  • Estates and heirs (we prepare all kinds of wills and make sure that your wishes are fulfilled).
  • Distribution of the estate (we guarantee the distribution of the estate according to the Law and your wishes).
  • Abintestato inheritance (we protect your rights in the event of an unenforceable will).
  • Lawful heirs (we protect your rights as a lawful heir and will file suit against anyone who falsely claims to have this right).
  • Sole heir (we will protect your rights as sole heir).
  • Right of usufruct (we will protect your right of usufruct so that you can continue to use the property of the deceased that corresponds to you).
  • Holographic wills (handwritten by the testator).
  • Judicial declaration of rights to inheritance (we will protect you should the distribution of assets be ordered by a judge).
  • Business succession (we guarantee business continuity).
  • Estate asset liquidation (we manage the asset liquidation process according to the will of the deceased).

In all the instances mentioned above, we have a team of lawyers with extensive experience ready to assist you all the way up to and including taking your inheritance claim to court.

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