Claims against debtors

Claims against debtors

We make sure you are paid every last penny owed to you.

The team of lawyers at ICN LEGAL will work steadfastly so that you receive your money as soon as possible.

We know all the legal means to claim your money. The procedures for debt claim go through an extrajudicial system (out of court) by order of payment, bureaufax or notary request, or through court procedures such as the local payment procedures (a fast and generally very effective system to claim debts in any amount, also at the European level), the exchange judgment (when the receivable amount is from a bill of exchange, promissory note, or check), or the regular procedures.

If the client already has a favorable judgment that penalizes the debtor, but has yet to receive his money, ICN LEGAL will help enforce that judgment through garnishments, investigation and administration of goods, and entries in the relevant Registries. It does not matter that the debtor hides his assets. Our attorneys know the legal means to disclose them so that our client can get his money.

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