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Adoption is an important decision in someone’s life and it always requires sound legal advice. At ICN LEGAL we focus on providing assistance during all stages of the adoption process for children, adults, and emancipated minors. We have a very high volume of adoptions abroad, so we also provide this service in other areas outside of our borders. We examine and verify document sufficiency through public protocols and other partners.

ICN LEGAL offers legal services in the following areas of adoption:
  • Detailed consultation on adoption requirements for the adopter and the adoptee
  • Technical and legal assistance on adoption procedures (certificate of suitability, adoption proposal record, and other documents)
  • International adoption
  • Foster care of children
  • Adoption of the child by the spouse
  • Adoption of orphans by a blood relative up to the third degree of kinship
  • Adoption of adults or emancipated minors
  • Legal action for revocation of adoption

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