Chinese investments in European properties tripled in 2013
Investments from China tripled in 2013. Insurers, developers, and individuals joined the country’s sovereign wealth seeking to diversify their assets out of the Asian continent, says a study by Real Capital Analytics (RCA). The above entities, as well as private individuals, acquired commercial properties worth 3.050 million euros during the last year, while in 2012, […]
ICN Legal participates in the seminar: Fashion Online – Legal and contractual trends and challenges
Our managing partner, Celsa Núñez, represented ICN Legal at the Seminar: Fashion Online – Legal and contractual trends and challenges. The seminar was organized by the prestigious International Association of Lawyers and held on March 27-28, 2014 at the renowned Barcelona Bar Association. The Seminar included diverse topics, from online brand and social network reputation […]
Spain adapts its laws to boost judicial cooperation throughout Europe
A final judgment and conviction given in a member state shall be enforced in another state. Two organic law projects and one bill have been approved to adapt Spanish legislation to European standards and enable the exchange of criminal history information and the transmission and execution of criminal judgments within the scope of the European […]
Increase in exports
Once again there are marked sales increases from Spain to emerging countries with high growth potential, such as China, South Africa, Algeria, Brazil and Morocco. They also increased exports to the United States. Clearly, the industry, facing national inactivity, opens new markets.

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